This is essential to make you feel very much at Home.  Prior to moving in it is a good idea to view the room to determine what you will be bringing with you.  If needed we are happy to remove our furniture and replace it with your own.

We always warmly welcome visitors however we must follow government guidelines to ensure the safety of all our residents and staff

At Orchardhead House we provide 24-hour care and night staff are on hand whenever you need any assistance.  Within each of our bedrooms there are Nurse Call points and staff will also carry out regular checks if you wish. Our doors are always secured and Night Staff carry out extra checks.

Yes, as you need to feel at home.  You may also request your meals to be served in your room.  Often residents like to take breakfast / supper in the privacy of their own room. If you wish staff to administer your medication we will determine your times for taking your medication to suit your daily routine.

We encourage all our residents to maintain their independence therefore you are at liberty to come and go as you please.  Sometimes we can arrange to escort you on personal trips out as our staff are happy to escort you as we have a company vehicle that can accommodate wheelchair transport. All we ask if you can notify staff of you comings and goings as we need to record details in our fire ledger.

We encourage all our residents to make comments or complaints about any aspect of our service.  I have enclosed our complaints procedure with contact names and telephone numbers.

We also have regular resident’s meetings, which are recorded.  This is an ideal opportunity to suggest ideas or indeed highlight any concerns.  At Orchardhead we have a ‘Keyworker System’ Each resident is allocated a Keyworker, which enables you to build a special friendship with this staff member and to discuss personal worries or concerns. Please remember you have the right to alert whomever you choose to discuss any matter.  The most important thing to remember is not to bottle up anything that is troubling you.  We have an excellent inspection regime carried out by the Care Inspectorate, a copy of our most recent Inspection Report is situated at the main reception.

I hope this has reassured you and remember I am always available to discuss any matter in confidence.

Our telephone system is very flexible.  We have cordless telephones in the main reception and you can also request a private call within your own room.  Some residents have a personal line installed at an additional charge from BT. Most areas of our care home has WIFI connection and our staff are happy to support you stay connected with family and friends.

This will be up to your Doctor.  Also if you’re Chiropodist, Dentist, Optician or indeed any primary care services, are happy to do domiciliary visits to the house you may choose your preferred professional. We currently receive regular visits from all of these services.  We also have a Hairdressing service twice weekly.

It is so important to keep your lifestyle as similar as possible and we will do all we can to assist in any arrangements to enable you to attend your church.  A few residents attend our local church service and are escorted by voluntary drivers. We have our own monthly church service in-house which is ideal for some who are unable to travel.

We consider that mealtimes should be a pleasurable experience and strive from the start to achieve this.

On admission your Keyworker will familiarise herself with your likes and dislikes.  This information will be forwarded to the cook who will pay particular attention to your requests and suggestions.  It is our policy that your Keyworker will ask you on a regular basis if you are enjoying your meals and we always encourage our residents to offer menu choices.  We receive numerous compliments on the standard of food and our Dining Rooms are very tastefully decorated. Our Residents meetings are beneficial in offering new ideas for menu choices. 

On your instructions we will request a visit from your Doctor. If you wish, a senior staff member will accompany the Doctor during his visit.  We will then notify your relative, next of kin. If you should require Hospital admission the Home will arrange this with your Doctor and your room will be kept for you.  The Home also gives a commitment to escort you to any outpatients or general medical appointments you attend if your relatives / representatives are unable to do so. You may incur an additional charge for a non-emergency appointments.


We have a varied activities programme within the house. In the morning’s music and movement sessions always followed by either our daily crosswords or quizzes. Twice a week we have board games and at least once a month we have visiting entertainers. We often have sing-a-longs, arts and crafts, baking, knitting bees and reminiscence sessions are always popular, we are happy to explore new ways to pass the time and have fun. Every day there is a dedicated activity lady on duty. We have a company vehicle that can accommodate a wheelchair user and are happy to arrange trips out and about. We are happy to arrange visits to local clubs, garden centres, theatres and always welcome suggestions from all involved.

You will receive a residency agreement that has all this information. Assistance with funding can be arranged by your local council partnership financial departments. For further information please contact Karen Reid the Home Owner.

You may wish to use the lockable box within your room or special arrangements can be made to use the safe within our office. We strongly advise that valuables are locked away securely and family take into account insurance of such items. Further information is stipulated in our residence agreement.

Prior to moving in a senior staff member will visit you at home and carry out a pre-admission assessment to determine if our service can look after all your care needs. On admission a Risk Assessment will be carried out to ensure you are safe and a Care Plan will be written with your assistance and background medical health details will be provided be your Doctor. This confidential information is kept in our office and available only to staff who are taking care of you. This information will be reviewed regularly.

Clothes washing is done on the premises and nametapes are secured to all garments to ensure they are returned to you.  The night staff will carry out most of the laundry duties and will have all laundry available for return to resident’s rooms in the morning.  Staff can arrange for clothes to be dry-cleaned and this will be billed separately.

 Friends are welcome to stay for meals.  We do appreciate a little warning as the cook can confirm menu choices and also arrange special seating arrangements if necessary.

We hope these questions have given you some assistance and reassurance about some aspects of moving into our Care Home.  Should you need additional information please do not hesitate to contact us.

Your future comfort may only be one phone call away